Spices — A Global History
published by
Reaktion Books, Ltd., London

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Down the centuries all of the legends about different spices have led to many misperceptions, as well as misunderstandings between cultures all over the world.

Author, teacher and adventurer, Fred Czarra,
brings you an exciting and fragrant journey meandering down the rich road of lore on spices and their histories.

Spices — A Global History by Fred Czarra

Spices and their travels across the world created new legends as well as enhanced the many tales and misconceptions that had preceded them. Spices stimulated new knowledge about the world, a knowledge that resulted in great advances in mapmaking, science, seamanship, and basic cross-cultural awareness. They also created competition among nations, which improved the economic conditions of some countries and peoples but also cause great harm to others, and to the cultures they encountered.


Did you ever wonder…


Spices — A Global History will answer these questions!